Star Wars: Before the Awakening

The first book I finished in 2016 was a short one. To be quite honest, I bought this book for the cover and inside art. I’m a big fan of Phil Noto’s work from comics; whether it be painting, sketching on paper, or sketching digitally he always seems to make what appears to be watercolor art. While the purchase was originally for the art, I did decide to read the stories inside. And yes, there is more than one story.


The book itself is a little over 100 pages and is divided into three parts: Finn’s story, Rey’s story, and Poe’s story. Finn’s story takes place a few weeks before the events of The Force Awakens and gives you a little more background on his life as a stormtrooper. Rey’s story occurs about a week prior to TFA and shows the reader what her day to day life is like. Poe’s story stretches a few weeks time but ends right before where the movie begins. This is one of those books that enhances the movie by giving just a little bit more insight on how the three main characters think and react to situations.

Before the Awakening is a quick read, nothing overtly literary but it is still a fun and easy read if you are a fan of any of the characters. I personally found Rey’s story to be a little on the slow side, but it’s Jakku and things don’t exactly happen quickly there. Poe’s story was quite intriguing since you not only read his story but get some perspective on the Resistance as well.

My rating: 4.5/5


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