Six of Crows

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo was one of those “Ooooh, pretty cover…” books for me (there are a lot of those actually). I haven’t read her previous works, the Grisha Trilogy, yet so I wasn’t familiar with her work. (For those interested, you don’t really need to read the Grisha Trilogy before 6oC; Bardugo gives you enough information to get through the story.)


When you move past the cover art, the story line is quite intriguing: 6 criminals need to break into the most secure place in the world.

Why? How? Once they get in, how do they get out?

The book is written in 3rd person but each chapter centers around the perspective of one of the six main characters. Since you are reading from that one person’s perspective, you don’t really quite know what the other characters are thinking…until you reach a chapter from their viewpoint. You don’t go back to the same scene to get their perspective, rather you get their thoughts on the events at the same time the story is moving forward. Somehow Bardugo is able to weave a story in this sort of mish mashed way, but she does it so well that you don’t even realize the perspective keeps jumping.

Each of the characters has their own unique abilities. There’s Kaz, the unofficial leader and jack of all trades; Inej, Kaz’s right hand known as the Wraith; Jesper, a gambler and sharpshooter; Nina, a Grisha known as a Heartrender; Matthias,  an actual hardened criminal; and Wylan, a merchant runaway and demolitions expect. Each one is unique and brings something to the group. But Kaz is the brains behind the operation. He doesn’t tell the others all of the details of his plans, which keeps them – and the reader – constantly trying to figure out what happens next.

Six of Crows ends on a cliffhanger, with one of the six being spirited away (in a manner of speaking) and the remaining five having been double crossed.  But of course Kaz is already plotting his revenge and the reader gets the barest glimpse of his plan. Unfortunately we have to wait until the next book, Crooked Kingdom due out September 2016, to find out what happens. In the meantime, after I finish my current reads, I plan to read the Grisha Trilogy.

My rating: 5/5


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