The Force Awakens Novelization

Happy Force Awakens release day!!! To commemorate, I’ll be reviewing the novelization of the movie.

I’m a huge Star Wars fan. I watched the original trilogy when I was 12; I watched them so many times that year I could repeat every line of dialogue. At the time, I read a few of the books that were based off of the movies and that made up the expanded universe.  Not many of them – because there were so many and I had other books to read (thanks middle and high school English). The prequels were meh,  and to be quite honest I wasn’t overtly excited about The Force Awakens. At least not initially.

I have really bad motion sickness and can’t really watch movies in theaters without the nausea setting in. I had resigned myself to wait until TFA to be released on blu-ray, but so many of my friends were signing its praise. So I bit the bullet, bought a ticket, and saw the movie right before the New Year.


Not wanting to risk a second showing but impatient to watch it again, the best course of action seemed to be to read the novelization. I had, after all, already read Before the Awakening. My friend Ally said the book was true to the movie with a little bit more information some scenes.


Ally was right. The book is very true to the movie, but I do question some parts. It may just be my memory on some scenes but it feels like there’s some deviation in certain places. I can’t be sure so I can’t give concrete examples. But movies and books have different perspectives so that makes sense. One scene that I did like in the book answered the question “How the hell did Poe get off Jakku?” The book nicely answers that question that the movie did not fully satisfy. However, Poe’s brief perspective of the events of Takodana are left out. That makes me a bit sad since I like Poe and wanted to know what he was thinking during that brief moment.

The Force Awakens novel is a short, quick read (only 260 odd pages). Because I was already familiar with the movie, it took only 4 days for me to complete. It lacks explicit detail – such as a character’s physical description – but I’m fine with that. I really think this book is meant to be more of a companion piece to the movie than a whole entity onto itself.

My rating: 4/5



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