War of the Seasons, Part 1: The Human

I was working as a volunteer at ConCarolinas in 2015, assisting Michael Hogan at his table. (I know, right?!) One of the many people who came up to Mr. Hogan was Janine Spendlove. Janine is not only an author, but a geek and a Marine pilot. She loves her job and she loves her fandoms, especially Star Wars. I love following her on Instagram and seeing the amazing aerial pictures she takes during her flights. It’s also a really awesome feeling when she likes my photos or responds to my comments.

As she was speaking to Mr. Hogan, I listened – intrigued – by her description of her books. ConCarolinas was the weekend after another convention I attended and a week before I was to leave for a Yellowstone trip, so I had zero funds to purchase one of her books at the time. During a brief encounter, I asked her the name of her book series and Janine was kind enough to give me a postcard with the book covers (and remember me). A few months later, I purchased the first book in her War of the Seasons series, The Human.


War of the Seasons is a simple read, nothing Shakespeare-esque but very well written and eloquent in its own right. The story follows Story who, during a weird spelunking incident, finds herself in another world. It’s a world of faeries, elves, and dyads, a world very much akin to Middle Earth yet very different at the same time. Faeries are not inherently good or bad, but they are very mischievous. The Faerie Prince has a long standing feud with the elves of which only a prophesied individual can sever. Story is, as many believe, that prophesied one. It is the duty of Eirnin, a young elf of the Hunter clan of elves, to find Story and bring her back to the Elf Queen. During their journey, they meet more fantastical beings before meeting the Elf Queen and setting off on another journey and meeting even more fantastical beings. Along the way, Story learns a few things about herself that are hinted at to the reader but never explicitly said.

The book ends with the prophesy being fulfilled but not in the way most everyone was expecting. Some are confused by the change, some are angered by it, but what it brings remains yet to be seen…in this volume at least. I have book two, The Half-Blood, currently on my to-read pile so we shall see soon.

I found this book to be delightful, familiar to things I’ve read before but not so familiar that it becomes redundant and cliche. I’ve always liked elves and Janine’s version is similar yet different from other stories I’ve read. I found myself really drawn to the dyads in the story. Looking forward to seeing what the next installment brings. 🙂

My rating: 5/5


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