The Hunger Games

Likely most people have read The Hunger Games at this point. I began reading it just one month before the first movie release. I mentioned before that I spent some years not reading; occasionally a book would catch my eye during that time. The Hunger Games was one of those books.

I devoured the first book in a matter of days. And then I read it again. Yeah, I read it twice, in the span of half a month. I will probably end up reading it again in the near future.


Of all the characters, I really love Katniss. She was the first heroine of a story who I felt was strong and confident, yet had her faults and wasn’t perfect. She’s confident in her abilities with a bow and hunting, but she’s not confident in her ability to survive the Hunger Games. She isn’t good with people, she isn’t charismatic, and she doesn’t care about winning hearts – only about surviving. And yet, she is loved.

She was also the first heroine I really identified with. Before that I was always drawn to the male characters for their strength but I never found a character that I went “Wow…that’s kind of like me.”

What I really like about the story is the reality of it. Suzanne Collins never specifies a date in the series other than how many years the Hunger Games have been occurring. It could be in the distant future, it could be in the near future. It’s a reality that some of us might live to see and others not. It’s a harsh reality, but a reality that could happen. And, I think, that’s what really makes this story intriguing.

My rating: 5/5



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