The Infernal Devices: Clockwork Princess

Finally finished the Infernal Devices series! I’m excited to move forward with the world of Shadowhunters but am sad to leave this lovely story behind. I absolutely love the characters and this volume was so heart wrenching on so many levels. I actually found I had a really difficult time getting through this book; I would have to stop myself from ugly crying on every page featuring or mentioning Jem. Then I started finding myself getting really emotional on Will’s pages.

Ugh, I both hate and love it when books make me so emotional.


Clockwork Princess was a great end to a great series. Like Clockwork Angel and Clockwork Prince, each chapter starts off with a quote or a bit of poetry. Unlike its predecessors, nearly every chapter is interspersed with letters written between characters. I found the letters to be a little disconcerting at first, wondering how they lent themselves to the story. After a while, I realized that they gave a little more insight into the minds of characters such as Consul Wayland and Inquisitor Whitelaw, characters who don’t feature prominently physically but who have a presence in the story.

I also found this volume to keep me on the edge quite often. You would read a few chapters and current situation is somewhat resolved…only to be thrown a wrench and something else happens. For example, Jem and Tessa resolve the issue of missing yin fen – sort of – and accelerating their wedding only to then have Tessa kidnapped and Jem on the verge of death. And that occurs in the first 1/3 of the book – just imagine what the rest of the book is about!

The ending is also somewhat different than what I am used to in most books. There actually are two endings: the one that ends with Will finally going home (for a visit, not permanently) with Tessa but without Jem in his life, and then an epilogue ending. The first ending is sort of bittersweet as Will is happy but not at the same time; he has won the love of his life and can go home after 5 years of being away, but he no longer has his parabatai with him. Will has changed so much throughout the series that I almost can’t help but feel sadness for him despite the happy moments.

If you have read the entire Mortal Instruments series, the second ending will make a great deal of sense to you. However, if you haven’t yet (like me) it will still make for a nice story. I won’t say anything about the epilogue ending, but just like the previous one it is both happy and sad.

I am really sad to have completed the Infernal Devices, but I am looking forward to starting the Mortal Instruments. While I know Tessa, Will, and Jem will feature very rarely (if at all) in the six book series, I’m still looking forward to having a better understanding of the overall Shadowhunter world. Lady Midnight awaits on my TBR pile, so let’s begin.

My rating: 5/5


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