The Bane Chronicles

Ever want to read more about Magnus Bane’s many adventures – some of which he actually eludes to – beyond that of the Mortal Instruments and Infernal Devices stories? Then The Bane Chronicles will fulfill that desire. Filled with 11 stories of Magnus’ adventures and featuring other Downworlders (and a few Shadowhunters), this volume gives a bit more insight into our favorite, flamboyant warlock.


Magnus’ history is so long that starting from the beginning would take far longer than 500 pages to retell. Plus, most of us can probably guess that Magnus’ early life is not a story he’s willing to share with most. Instead, we get insight into some of his more important stories.

What actually happened in Peru?
How did Magnus meet Raphael Santiago?
What happened when Magnus meets Will’s father, Edmund Herondale?
What was Magnus’ first date with Alec like?

And other stories. While the stories occur chronologically, I personally did not read them in order. I actually started with the last story first, a series of voice mails and texts between Magnus and other characters, since it was short and easy to read. Since some of the stories are featured as extras in other Shadowhunter volumes, that partially lead to me reading James Herondale’s story before his grandfather’s. Still, I found the overall book an enjoyable read. And with reach story being self contained, the reader doesn’t have to read the entire book at once. I kind of like to think of this book more as a Wikipedia of Magnus’s life than an actual memoir.

Of course my two favorite stories were those that centered around Magnus’ relationship with Alec. After all, they are my OTP – next to Jem and Tessa.

My one, tiny, itty bitty request is that there be an edition with either Harry Shrum Jr. on the cover as Magnus, or one of Cassandra Jean’s amazing artworks. I love seeing Godfrey Gao as Magnus, but since the other Shadowhunter novels have had cover make overs it just seems right that this one should as well.

My rating: 4/5



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