Night of Cake & Puppets Novella

Ever wondered how Zuzana and Mik actually met? It is never explicitly said how they met in the Daughter of Smoke & Bone novels. To remedy that and give readers a different perspective, Laini Taylor wrote an e-novella entitled Night of Cake & Puppets. It is only available in text format that I am aware of; I have my copy through iBooks. At only 100 pages and roughly $3, it is a very quick and inexpensive read.


While different from the DSB series (it makes no explicit mention of chimera beyond the reference to Karou’s monsters and Kishmish), the novella is lightheaded and fun. The story is written from both Zuzana and Mik’s eyes, alternating between the two. This way, you know what each of them are thinking as they progress through the story. Most of the story is written from Zuzana’s perspective and allows the reader to see a different view of the “rabid fairy.” The entire story only spans a few days, largely focusing on the night the pair actually meet.

One of the nice treats for readers is that the novella opens with one of the first few meetings of Karou and Zuzana. This allows us a glimpse of how Zuzana views Karou when they first meet, before the magic and the chimera.

I find NCP to be a really fun read, completely different from the novels. However, reading at least Daughter of Smoke & Bone and Days of Blood & Starlight is very helpful. Technically speaking the novella is marked as novel 2.5 and Zuzana does allude to events in the novels. It helps to have a bit of context but isn’t completely necessary.

My rating: 5/5


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