Dreams of Gods & Monsters

It’s been nearly 9 months since I started this series and here we are at the end…well, sort of end. More like a middle.

You will understand soon.


Dreams of Gods & Monsters actually backtracks into Days of Blood & Starlight. It begins when Jael and his Dominion forces enter the Earth plane. In the previous book, the only glimpse of this event we had was when Zuzana and Mik return to the kasbah and warn Karou. What we didn’t see in Days was how the chimera host actually made it to the Adelphas mountains and integrated with the Misbegotten soldiers that have been waiting for Akiva after they fled following the death of the former emperor and their father Joram.

While Jael – with Razgut’s help – tries to persuade the world leaders to give him the arms and ammunition he needs to conquer Eretz and defeat the Stelians, Karou and Akiva attempt to integrate the chimera and Misbegotten armies. Things, of course, do not go as planned. There are centuries of animosity on both sides, but slowly with the help of her friends Karou integrates the once enemies and comes up with a plan to persuade Jael to return to Eretz.

The story also introduces the Stelians as they attempt to find the person responsible for the disruption of worlds (surprise! It’s Akiva). I do wish they played a slightly larger role in the story as there are still a number of questions and possibilities left by their brief role. Also introduced is Eliza Jones, a seemingly normal woman who has abnormal nightmares. Raised as a prophet in her cult-like community, Eliza carries secrets she is both aware and unaware of.

By story’s end, there is resolution one some fronts but not on others. Who are the godstars? When will they be called to battle? Who wins that battle? What happens to everyone in the meantime?

One thing is certain: the story as was introduced in Daughter of Smoke & Bone, beginning with Madrigal and continuing with Karouhas its happy ending…for now.

What sets Dreams of Gods & Monsters apart are the four separate storylines that occur. In Daughter of Smoke & Bone, Karou was the single point of view of the story. This single point became two in Days of Blood & Starlight with most of the focus on Karou but the reader also sees what Akiva is doing (as well as a bit of Ziri’s point of view).  In this final volume, there are four separate storylines that eventually merges into one as the groups interact with each other. There is Karou and Akiva’s storyline, which includes most of the supporting characters. There is Jael’s storyline, as brief as it is, on his interactions with the world leaders but most notably Razgut. Eliza has a story to tell as she navigates her nightmares literally coming to life. And finally there are the Stelians, whose point of view is even more brief than Jael’s but significant especially for the ending.

My main concern that there wasn’t a whole lot of actual action and suspense. Angels are invading Earth…but not really since they leave as mysteriously as they enter with nothing more than a few mentioned riots occurring. I really wanted just a tiny glimpse at what happened to Morgan Toth and Gabriel after Eliza made her wish on a lucknow.

And, OMG, can I have more Ziri and Liraz please? You would think this pairing would be weird and so cliche I would hate it but I don’t. Most likely this is due to the fact that they aren’t shown to be desperately in love by the end but are more along the lines of “let’s just see what happens.” And I want to know what happens! Agony!

Over all, a nice ending (middle) to the story. But fingers crossed for some short stories/novellas because I could do with a little more. *points above*

My rating: 4/5


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