Throne of Glass series: Heir of Fire

The fourth book in the Throne of Glass series, Heir of Fire continues the adventures of Celaena Sardothien only this time we are introduced to a new set of characters and visit places outside of the Adarlan empire.

It’s been nearly a month since Celaena left Adarlan for Wendlyn, supposed on a mission for the king. Nearly a month since the loss of Nehemia and what Celaena perceives to be Chaol’s betrayal. She, of course, has no intention of assassinating anyone in Wendlyn’s royal family for the king, but she still plans to keep her promise to Nehemia. But how? How is she to accomplish such a feat when she feels so broken and depleted? How can she find the Wyrdkeys and defeat the king? The answers may lie with Mauve, queen of the Fae in Wendlyn and Celaena’s distant aunt. And the Fae warrior, Rowan Whitethorn, is Celaena’s only means of speaking to her aunt – provided she can master her untamed magic.

Meanwhile in Rifthold, Dorian is struggling with concealing his magic and the fact that Chaol is keeping secrets from him. In order to protect the prince and find a way to help both him and Celaena, Chaol has been trying to find a way to contact the rebels who may have the answer to containing Dorian’s magic – that’s if he can stall his impending departure to Anielle long enough. With the return of General Aedion Ashyver, the king’s general, the situation becomes more complicated when Chaol cannot decipher if Aedion is ally or foe.

Up north in the Ferion Gap, witches from the Wastelands are gathering. Manon Blackbeak of the Blackbeak witch clan, along with the witches of the Yellowlegs and Blueblood clans, are preparing for war. Given wyverns raised by the king, they must learn to ride and control the beasts so that they can become the king’s aerial cavalry. Raised without a heart and ruthless to her enemies, Manon finds her resolve tested when she chooses her wyvern, Abraxos. Are witches really born without hearts? Or are they more than they seem?

Holy wow! This series has come a long way since my initial “meh” reaction to Throne of Glass. I am almost convinced that Sarah J. Maas writes first novels that are just intriguing enough to make you want to read the sequels. Then she literally knocks you in the face that her character development and story twists. While in the first novel Celaena came off as vain, arrogant, and self-centered, it is in Heir of Fire that I really saw how much she hurts and cares for those she loves. She spends a good half of the novel in a state of depression that has her snapping at others and saying hurtful things. But she slowly comes into herself and ultimately accepts the large role she plays in Adarlan’s future. All the other characters also develop into their own ways that makes them each unique, with their own internal demons and struggles.

I am holding off on reading the next novel, Queen of Shadows, for a bit. The sixth novel, Empire of Storms, will be released in September and I want to have the story fresh in my mind. But I can’t wait to see how things change once Celaena returns to Rifthold.

My rating: 4.5/5


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