Throne of Glass series: Queen of Shadows

When we left off at the end of Heir of Fire, Aelin Ashryver Galathynius had shed her persona of Adarlan’s Assassin Celaena Sardothien to take up her mantle as queen of Terrasen.

As she returns to Rifthold from her training in Wendlyn, Aelin has two objectives in mind: kill the king of Adarlan and free magic. Upon her return, she soon learns that her cousin Aedion has been arrested for treason and will soon be executed. In order to free her cousin, Aelin will need not only the help of Chaol and the rebels but also that of her former master, King of the Assassin’s Arobynn Hamel.

Arobynn always has a bargain in mind, however; in exchange for helping free Aedion, Arobynn hires Aelin to capture a Valg prince to interrogate. Aelin agrees as it will allow her time to find something Arobynn once stole from her: the amulet of Orynth that she suspects holds a Wyrdkey.

Aelin’s tasks become more complicated when she learns that, in her absence, Dorian has been possessed by a Valg prince. She finds herself at odds with Chaol, who refuses to believe Dorian is gone and is intent on freeing him.

Meanwhile, Manon is having difficulty reconciling her new duties as Wing Leader with the nearly mutinous behavior of some of her Thirteen. She meets Elide Lochlan, the daughter of Lady Marion and a heiress of Terrasen. Manon becomes further torn between obeying orders and helping Elide.

Queen of Shadows is nearly 700 pages of non-stop motion. As in previous volumes, each chapter changes perspective. Mostly the chapters are told from Aelin and Manon’s point of views, allowing the reader to see what is happening on two fronts. Since the pacing occurs in the chronological order that Aelin completes her tasks, the pages are almost always full of action.

I really enjoyed this novel and found myself sad that it was over so quickly. But now that magic has returned, things are only going to get more action filled in the next installment.

My rating: 4/5


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