The Raven Cycle: Blue Lily, Lily Blue

Cabeswater has been restored. Ronan Lynch has mastered his Greywaren abilities. The Gray Man has quit his employer. Maura Sargent is missing.

Blue’s summer is coming to an end, but the search for Glendower – and now her mother – is becoming more heated than ever.

While they search for Maura, Gansey has asked his old friend, Dr. Malory, to come and help the group continue the search for Glendower. Gansey is beginning to doubt his ability to keep the group together as he feels himself becoming more separate from the group. As Adam tries to master his connection with Cabeswater and with Ronan now in full command of his dreams, Gansey is beginning to feel more like an outsider. Everything becomes more complicated as his feelings towards Blue grows, but the pair are determined to pretend like nothing is happening to spare Adam’s feelings.

Meanwhile, Adam seeks to strengthen his connection with Cabeswater by trying to understand what the ley line is asking of him. He is aided by Persephone but mostly finds himself completing Cabeswater’s tasks alone. When the Gray Man’s former employer , Greenmantle, arrives in Henrietta, Adam must find a way to get get the man to leave – without the Greywaren, the prize Greenmantle seeks. To help him, Adam must depend on Ronan’s dream ability and the Mr. Gray’s knowledge.

As the group goes searching for both Glendower and Maura in various caves, they stumble upon a riddle about three sleepers – one who must be woken, one who must never be woken, and one who is in between. Is one Glendower? Who is the one who must not be woken? Blue and the boys somehow manage to find one of the three sleepers, but it is not yet certain whether the one they found is the one who must be woken or the one in-between. To complicate matters, they will suffer a tragedy no one – not even the psychics of 300 Fox Way – could foresee.

Blue Lily, Lily Blue delves deeper into the search for Cabeswater, but, more importantly, it delves into the character of Blue and her raven boys as they each must face certain emotional trials alone. Each of them grows as they overcome their individual setbacks – but do they, as a group, grow closer together or further apart? As they learn more about each other, one thing becomes certain: they no longer want Glendower’s favor for selfish reasons. By the end of the volume, Gansey, Blue, and Adam have made their decisions on what their favor will be – and it isn’t a favor they would ask of themselves. And how much closer are they to finding Glendower?

As character development is one of the main aspects I look for in a story, this became a quick favorite from the series so far. Each of the characters undergoes some sort of change. Adam becomes more self-confident, Ronan becomes less harsh towards his friends, Blue finds she may not be psychic but that doesn’t mean she is powerless, and Gansey is confronted with an emotional mortality as he feels apart from his friends. I love that, for some of them, there isn’t complete resolution because that means something to look forward to.

How will it all resolve? Only one more volume to go.

My rating: 4.5/5


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