The Raven Cycle: The Raven King

It has finally come to this. The end of a series. This is the fourth series I will have finished this year, and I really enjoyed this one.

Only a week has passed since Blue and her raven boys rescued her mother – and apparently her father, Artemus – from the cave they were holed up in. Only a week since Persephone left them and they found Gwenllian, Glendower’s strange daughter. But things aren’t exactly “back to normal.” Cabeswater is acting strangely, which is affecting Adam and his abilities, Ronan and his dreams, and Noah’s very existence. Something seems to be attacking Cabeswater, but what?While they try to go about their everyday lives, nothing can be quite the same. Gansey is more determined than ever to find Glendower. The last seven years of searching has finally caught up with him. He also struggles with his feelings for Blue; not that she doesn’t return them, but because they are still keeping their feelings from Adam, in an effort to spare his.

As Cabeswater is under attack, so is Ronan’s dreams. Fearful for his family, he has his brother Declan take younger sibling Matthew away from Henrietta to keep them both safe. After their departure, Ronan then confronts Adam about their relationship. As if life was not complicated enough, Aglionby student Henry Cheng becomes a more prominent fixture in all of their lives. But what is Henry’s real agenda?

The pressure becomes more intense when both Gansey and Adam feel as if their bodies are no longer their own. Unknown forces seem to be manipulating their bodies, but to what end? To complicate matters even further, Greenmantle’s rivals are gathering in Henrietta for a supernatural auction. What is the item they are bidding on? And could it have anything to do with what is happening to Cabeswater?

Does it all have to do with Blue meeting Gansey’s spirit on the corpse road?

I really wasn’t sure if I was going to make it through The Raven King. I wanted so badly to know what happened. But at the same time I dreaded it because I knew, KNEW this was going to be the book is Gansey’s death. You do not predict his death in the first chapter of the first book then discuss it intermittently in the following volumes for it to NOT happen.

This book has non-stop emotion. I felt as if my heart was constantly in my throat. While Gansey has become my favorite raven boy, I really felt for all of them and the trials they went through – even newcomer Henry. I really see myself reading this series again because I love the characters so much. I only wish there was more because I really want to know what happens to the gang after the story is over. So much potential! And it’s been announced that there will likely be a series featuring Ronan in the future. So hoping for more from the Henrietta gang!

My rating: 4.5/5


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