Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

And here we’ve come at last to the end of a series, one of the best series in my opinion.

This is supposed to be Harry Potter’s last year at Hogwarts. This is supposed to be the year Harry and his friends prepare for their N.E.W.T.S. and to take their place in the wizarding world after leaving Hogwarts. This is supposed to be Harry’s first year as a wizarding adult, the year he can do magic whenever he pleases without fear of breaking the restriction for underaged wizardry.

This is supposed to be a fun, carefree year.

But it’s not.

This is the year that Harry has to finally defeat Lord Voldemort…or die in the process. Before he died, Dumbledore helped Harry to discover the existence of the Horcruxes, objects Voldemort has placed pieces of his soul in to become nearly immortal. Together, Harry and Dumbledore found a Horcrux – or so they thought. It turned out to be a fact, but contains a clue as to where the real Horcrux could be. Even if they find it, there are at least four other Horcruxes, and Harry has no idea how to find them – or how to destroy them. He only knows he must if the wizarding world is to survive.

Constantly on the run and not wanting to involve anyone more than he must to keep the ones he loves out of danger, Harry can only rely on himself and Ron and Hermione. But the strain of finding the Horcruxes is putting a toll on their friendship; can it remain strong in the face of all the evil they are up against?

Rereading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was really like reading it for the first time. I had forgotten so many of the details that the movies did not capture well or completely omitted. I really enjoyed rereading it. It wasn’t ever one of my top favorites before, but after this reread I think it’s moved up in rank a bit.

For my reread, I chose to use an ebook purchased from iTunes; they have an exclusive version with illustrations, some of which were animated. I really enjoyed scenes that were animated as they really made the story more alive. (Eventually I plan to get the rest of the series in this version.) I really recommend those who have Apple products and like reading ebooks to consider getting these exclusive editions. The visuals really do add something to the story telling at key parts.

I’ve never been really one of those people who think the movies need to be a play-by-play of the books since they are two different mediums of art. But – and I’ve said this before – I really believe that leaving out many of the details in the Harry Potter films loses some of the magic of the story. I am still advocating for a tv mini-series with each series/season revolving around one book for a total of 7 seasons. Please, someone, make this happen!

My rating: 4.25/5


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