Wonder Woman Movie Novelization

Diana is a daughter of the island paradise of Themyscira. She is the princess being the daughter of the island’s queen, Hippolyta. Diana spends her young days in peace, being tutored in the history of her people. But all she wants is to join her fellow Amazon sisters in their combat training under the watchful eye of her aunt, General Antiope. And she would but her mother forbids her training, stating it is unnecessary in their time of peace.

General Antiope disagrees with her sister and queen and begins training Diana in secret. Soon, however, they are discovered; Hippolyta grudgingly allows Antiope to train Diana in preparation for the return of Ares – though she hopes that day never comes.Before long, Diana becomes the strongest amongst the Amazons. It is also at this time that the spy Steve Trevor somehow makes his way to Themyscira (no easy feat considering the island is hidden) and informs the Amazons of the Great War that is occurring in the world. Diana believes it is the Amazons’ duty to fight in the war, a war that she believes is the work of Ares. Hippolyta refuses to engage her Amazons in combat and soon Diana is disobeying her queen and mother, leaving Themyscira alone to aid Steve.

But the outside world isn’t the same as Themyscira. Diana will soon discover that women are not equal to men, and that the war’s end may not be as easy as she thinks.

Like many people, I loved the Wonder Woman movie. As of late, I also enjoy reading the novel version that often accompanies the book. Oftentimes the novel goes into a bit more detail than the movie, and it often allows you into the mind of the characters; you learn what they are thinking when they don’t vocalize it on screen. This novel was quite short – clocking in at just over 200 pages – and I would have liked it to be longer and go into a bit more detail. But overall it is a nice companion novel, I think.

My rating: 3.5/5


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