Strange the Dreamer

Lazlo Strange is a nobody. Raised in a monastery as an orphan, he dreamed of visiting the Unseen City as told through the stories of a senile monk. At 13, he was given the opportunity to become a librarian at the great library of Zosma. There, Lazlo continues to read and research the Unseen City, a place of magnificence that suddenly closed its doors to the outside world 200 years ago – and whose name has been erased from all minds and records for an unknown reason.

Sarai is the Muse of Nightmares. She lives in the citadel and has the ability to create moths that, when they touch another, allow Sarai to enter and control another’s dreams without anyone the wiser. As a young child, she was full of hate and vengence for the people that stole her life. But as time has passed and she’s walked through people’s dreams, her hate has turned to understanding, even forgiveness. But her family doesn’t share her forgiveness for those that did them wrong.One day, Lazlo is given the opportunity to visit the Unseen City. While there, he meets Sarai – but he doesn’t know who she really is. As Lazlo and Sarai work to understand their situations and come to a peaceful solution, those they are with have other ideas. Will the conflict that has been building for 200 years be resolved as peacefully as Lazlo and Sarai hope?

Strange the Dreamer is every bit a Laini Taylor story. It starts full of mystery and mysticism, which become more and more clear the deeper you delve. The world is rich in fantasy but you can detect the semblence to actual history. The characters are well developed and unique from each other. 

As you finish the novel, you’ll still have questions left unanswered. And, as you would expect, it ends on a major cliffhanger. If you love Laini Taylor but dislike cliffhangers, I recommend you wait until the next volume releases. But I do recommend this read as it is wonderful and amazing.

My rating: 5/5


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