The Unbound

It has been almost four weeks since Meckenzie Bishop defeated Owen Chris Clarke by creating a void door. While she continues on as a Keeper for the Archive and prepares for a new year at a new school, Meckenzie can’t shake the constant nightmares where Owen attempts to kill her. She isn’t sleeping, but she can’t let that keep her from her duties.

As she starts a new school year as a junior at Hyde School, Meckenzie knows it is going to be difficult to make friends while separating her life as a Keeper. With Wesley Ayers help, Meckenzie starts to have some semblance of normalcy.

Until people she meets keeps disappearing.

One by one, people Meckenzie encounter start to vanish without trace. There’s no sign of where they’ve gone or who has taken them or why, but they only have one thing in common – each of them met Meckenzie right before their disappearance. Before the local police can link her to the disappearances, Meckenzie must try to solve the disappearances herself. It becomes more difficult when Agatha, a Librarian who has the ability to alter memories, becomes suspicious of Meckenzie and becomes set on searching through her memories.

How is Meckenize going to solve the disappearances, keep her nose clean in high school, return lost Histories on her list, avoid Agatha, and get some much needed sleep before losing her sanity – and herself?

The Unbound is the sequel to Victoria Schwab’s The Archive and continues the story of the library of the dead. It is just as creepy as its predecessor but with some slice of life moments. It took me a little longer to really get into the story, but that’s because I didn’t read The Unbound right after finishing the first story.

I highly recommend this set of books for anyone who likes creepy stories, paranormal themes, and/or urban fantasy. My only complaint is that there are lots of stories to tell about the Archive and yet this is the last one. Victoria Schwab has stated that she has an interest in continuing the story, but the publishers think otherwise. I wish she could continue it because I still want to know more about the world.

My rating: 4/5


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